FNF vs Bob High Effort

FNF vs Bob High Effort – Bob’s powerful return!

Friday Night Funkin vs Bob High Effort is a remix mod from the main version of the character Bob in the music game. In this mod, there will be a lot of changes, and it will bring a lot of new experiences.

About game

FNF vs Bob High Effort is a mod of Friday Night Funkin Mods that tells the powerful return of the character Bob. Regarding the design of the character Bob, the old design and battle scene will remain the same. The main change is that the dialogues of the characters and the songs will be completely remixed which will make the mod even more interesting.

The songs remixed in the mod FNF vs Bob High Effort greatly contribute to creating drama and attraction for the battle in the mod. Besides, the author also edited some elements to make the mod work better. And in the future, the author can create more great songs to meet the entertainment needs of Friday Night Funkin players.

FNF vs Bob High Effort is more suitable for most Friday Night Funkin Mods players who love the character, Bob, due to many changes compared to his previous version. To know the changes, you can try out the mod at the KBH Games website for free and you can download the mod here if you love it.

Original Bob Mod Credit:

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  • wildythomas: coder, animator & kickstarted the project.
  • phloxio: original concept, mod helper and asset maker.


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