Falling Lightblocks (Tetris)

Falling Lightblocks (Tetris) is your favorite console game. Now on your mobile with full touch controls, gravity control, gamepad support and a fresh and clean modern look.

About game

Falling Lightblocks (Tetris), the game you played as a youngster, is now available on your phone, computer browser, or television. With a new and clean contemporary UI, multiplayer mode, complete capacitive buttons, gravitational control mechanisms, and controller compatibility.

Simple puzzle game with spinning falling bricks on the lowest setting. Full lines are removed. Compete against everyone else on highscores or start a gameplay against strong opponents. Challenging tasks will teach you all you need to know to defeat them. The new file cooperative option is presently in beta. You may host your own server through your own home network or expose the ports to allow others to utilize the system.

Falling Lightblocks (Tetris) Online, like other Tetris Games, may be played indefinitely as long as you match all of the pieces on the grid. If there isn’t enough room left for the last puzzle piece(s), the game will finish abruptly and you’ll have to restart from the beginning.


Puzzle Tetris