Falling Cubes (Tetris 3D)

Falling Cubes (Tetris 3D) is a highly developed game in this day and age and it makes one of the modern developed games.

About game

Falling Cubes (Tetris 3D) has a rectangular interface with a length of 20 squares and a width of 10 squares. All those squares are placed on a large glass panel. There will be different shapes that appear to move down and your task is to arrange those squares in the longest time possible.

The gameplay of Falling Cubes (Tetris 3D) Online is similar to a jigsaw puzzle, you arrange the blocks to fill a horizontal row, then the horizontal line will disappear to make room for the next cells. In this game, the color will not matter, it is only used to distinguish the squares. Don’t forget that the square blocks will move faster and faster.

Experiencing the legendary puzzle game Falling Cubes (Tetris 3D) on the computer is a great experience. Visit the Tetris Games website to experience this fascinating game. Traditional games will be hard to bring to the desktop, so this is an opportunity to have a great experience.


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