Drop It

Drop It is a newly developed puzzle game. Since it has just been released, it has a lot of features and beautiful graphics.

About game

Drop It will require logical thinking to score as many points as possible, as this mission is the main goal. To remove the blocks from the field, shift them lengthwise and try to make rows without spaces. Each step raises the cube pyramid higher and higher, with the main goal being to keep something from reaching the destination.

Only those shapes may be moved, there are 1 or more vacant cells. At the same time, keep in mind that the tower will indeed be one segment higher after each step, and all blocks will drop if feasible. To ultimately wipe them off the field and get points, you must aim to fill the columns and leave no gaps in them.

The purpose of this Drop It Online game is straightforward and easy to grasp. Create as many lines as you can on the board to get the greatest possible score. Drag and drop the blocks onto the board, being careful not to run out of space, since this would result in game over. If you believe you have the ability to grasp this Block, feel free to explore this game and see how far you can get.

The play is over when there is no more space on the square to enter a block. Use electricity to eliminate multiple rows at once. Because this is a Tetris Games item, you must test this for free.


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