Color Pixel Art Classic

Color Pixel Art Classic is one of the best puzzle games for drawers. Despite its pixel art classic graphics, you can still draw stunning and lovely pictures!

About game

Color Pixel Art Classic is among the most exciting puzzle games based on pixel graphics. Released in March 2018, this Pixel Art Classic game has received nearly 580,000 plays and a rating of 9.2/10 by over 3000 players.

In this game, you can select from a large number of default objects and animals to draw them. You are provided with the most suitable colors so that the final pictures will look nice. However, you can totally choose different colors and let your creativity create pixel art classic masterpieces!

At the start, the game gives you several simple models with few colors and small sizes so that you can gradually get acquainted with its gameplay. Nonetheless, in the latter part, you have the chance to test your skills and artistic ability by drawing bigger pictures with more complicated color arrays.

If you want to fill in pixel squares more exactly without effort, you can switch to the full-screen mode and/or zoom in to see the drawing pane more clearly. But if you want something challenging to have fun, keep the picture’s size small to test your eyesight and skills.

Try it and see what can you create. Merely a cute cartoon picture or a complete art masterpiece in the shortest time? Whatever your products are, you can also download them to your computer and show them to your familiars and friends!

For our recommendation, it is especially fun for kids and family members to play and compete against each other.

You can play this simple puzzle game now for free on in both of your desktop and mobile browser.