This is a 1vs1 game that starts as alquerque, which means to move or to draw. The board is similar to chess with a size of 8×8.

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The rule:

  • How to move: The pieces go diagonally one step, only forward. Players take turns.
  • How to take the opponent’s piece: The opponent is in the position of advancing and crossing one step with your piece, behind the opponent is the empty box. You now can take that piece of the board and lay your own behind the original spot (1).
  • Consecutively taking pieces: When (1) happen, if there are still enemy troops to eat, the piece that has just moved will be allowed to eat one after another until there’s nothing left to eat.
  • Force card: You have to make the move that takes the other’s troop in your turn. Checkers games are brutal in that sense.
  • King’s transforming: When the player’s forces reach the opponent’s last row. The chess piece will be king and transformed into another shape (like two chess pieces stacked). At this time, the monarch will back or forward at will.

The game ends when one side is out of troops, or when it is their turn to play, the player has no more moves, the game is over, and the player is defeated.

A few tactics:

  • Border: A chess piece at the borderline will not be eaten.

Prevention: The strategy of advancing is always accompanied by a piece standing diagonally right behind to avoid being eaten and making the premise to destroy the enemy troops and prepare for the king’s transforming.