Block Wood Puzzle

Block Wood Puzzle is a special puzzle game, in this game, there will be no colorful wooden blocks but instead wooden blocks that look very special and new.

About game

Block Wood Puzzle is a game where you need to arrange blocks of different sizes and shapes into a single line so that you can score points from the filled lines. Such simple jigsaw puzzles may have been forgotten by now, so Tetris Games created this game to give players that feeling.

The difficulty of this game is that you do not know where to place the square wooden blocks to be reasonable and score the most points. However, when you play for a long time, you will accumulate enough experience, in addition, do not give up early because solutions can come at any time. The game Block Wood Puzzle can be played on both phones and computers because you can participate with any device.

With a special game, Block Wood Puzzle Online will bring you moments of great entertainment and feelings that have long been forgotten. Please visit the main website Tetris Games to participate in the puzzle genre games, and when finished, you will be introduced to many special games.


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