Block Puzzle 2020

Block Puzzle 2020 is a traditional block puzzle game that we all like. The aim here is to earn the maximum possible score by removing as many dots as possible off the table.

About game

Block Puzzle 2020 is a miracle version of the old game. Overall, this is a standard block puzzle game with a straightforward guideline to follow. If you’ve played a traditional block puzzle game before, you should understand how this one works. Because there are no more campaigns in this game, the game will encourage you to proceed to the game board right away.

It’s similar to the normal 88 grid screen. The play area of Block Puzzle 2020 Online, like the old game, is made up of three different tiles. The 88 panel is located in the middle of the screen, with two more panels above and below it.

The top panel displays the current and highest scoring puzzle pieces, while the bottom panel displays three randomly generated puzzle pieces. These lines can be put on the board either vertically or horizontally.

When you draw a straight line, it will be erased from the screen and you will be rewarded with points. As a result, the better your score, the more lines you remove with one stroke. Visit Tetris Games to download this game to your device and enjoy.

How to play

This game has a siample gameplay but is very challenging. You can use WASD or the arrows to play game on the keyboard. To start or pause, press Enter.

Control the game

Use the Arrows for WASD

Space bar & Enter


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