Block Champ

Block Champ is an online puzzle game in your way of thinking, your task is to arrange the blocks so that you can get as many points as possible.

About game

Block Champ will bring you back to the feeling of childhood because the way this game works is similar to the old puzzle game on video game consoles. But the difference between Block Champ is that you can place blocks in any position as long as you get as many points as possible.

Your job in Block Champ is to use the given squares to form a vertical or a horizontal row in the most reasonable way. Then these rows will know lost which you will get points from here. But only when you use up all the blocks given will give you new squares to arrange.

The special thing about Block Champ Tetriz Online is that there is no time limit for the arrangement, so you can relax, and comfortably organize the whole day to find neat ways. Please note, be careful when arranging to get as many points as possible. Visit Tetris Games to download and experience this amazing game.


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