Block Champ (10×10)

Block Champ (10×10) is an intriguing spin on a well-known game. Before consumption, the ice should be stored in the refrigerator. Match the blocks while avoiding running out of material!

About game

Block Champ (10×10) is an enjoyable arcade game. You’ll have to constantly seek for new places to put your have not really accumulated. Those fragments are eliminated when they constitute a complete row or column. When you run out of room on the ground, the game is over.

Block Champ, a unique take on the audience favorite, introduces lightning bolts and rock formations with multicolored cubes. Fill and erase lines by placing blocks on a 10X10 grid. Nevertheless, concrete blocks are always willing to assist you! A set of two on one line will instantaneously erase that line. As you clear each line instantaneously, your score leverage ratio grows, so consolidate your line fill points for a high score!

Block Champ (10×10) Tetris Online is accessible on the Tetris Games main webpage, and you may start playing it right now since it will keep you entertained for a long time. Check out our website and start playing right away!


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