11×11 Blocks

11×11 Blocks has demolished the previous rules of puzzle games. The normal block game is played on a 10×10 field, but now a portion of the height.

About game

11×11 Blocks category is like this on the internet because it is a gameplay game, and there are many other sorts of imaginative play on our site, but this 11×11 Blocks Online category is far more than just that fun, or basically it is a new type, so we hope everyone will be intrigued to come in and try it. You must divide the rainbow figures at the bottom of the screen into three parts. To create place for the new cubes, arrange them so that they entirely fill the rows or columns.

Use all three of the fallen forms to ensure that the other shapes emerge in their position. If you don’t want to stop the game before the time limit, you should allow room for fresh pieces. To score points, you must arrange the pieces in as compact a form as possible while eliminating rows one after the other.

Tetris Games allows you to collect coins that you can use to avail hints. You can get coins not only through completing levels but also through watching reward videos and daily login bonuses.


Puzzle Tetris